Friday, May 13, 2011

My date with Summer.

Dear Diary,
For my birthday (Yikes- June 9th) Brooks is taking a mindful class with me (it's my second time!) and one of our daily assignments this week is to write about a pleasant event each day and keep a gratitude journal. Today this is mine. I title my event: A DATE WITH SUMMER AND MY LITTLE MAN. 

Today I felt like gardening. Nixon wanted to help.
He also wanted to try out our new hose. 
Mommy had to help a little bit. 
Time to turn it down
Not happy about this.

I saw: a beautiful sunny day
I touched: dirt between my fingers
I tasted: water from a garden hose
I smelled: sunblock on my cheeks
I felt: joy in my heart that summer is here.

Although Nixon was a bit sad to have to go inside, we treated ourselves to an orange Otterpop- that can always make things better. Ahhhh what a refreshing summer day- mud, water and all. 

Besitos, xoxo

a playful mama 

P.S. gratitude journal assignment:

5 things I am grateful for today:
* the slobbery kiss Nixon gave me after I gave him one.
* the tomato plants we planted in the earth.
* the sound of the birds singing in the morning.
* the smell of sunblock as we lathered it into our skin.
* the amazing husband I have who comes to a mindfulness class with me.

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Bianca said...

These pictures of Nixon made me literally laugh out loud. I loved it.