Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nixon's MTV Cribs Edition

Dear Diary,
One of the places I enjoy hanging out with my buddy Nixon is in his Comic Book/Superhero room. The walls bounce the light in the afternoon and it's just a great place to plop ourselves down on the floor and play. 

Now this room didn't come easy! Agreeing on how to decorate the nursery took several months (even after Nixon was born!)- I wanted vintage owls and he wanted comic books. So... we compromised... and went with vintage comic book theme instead. I know,  most people think of baby blue and white for nursery colors- but blah how boring. 

We wanted something that was going to grow with him and not so typical. But I really couldn't have done it with out the help of my dear mother-in-law Evelyn (aka Mimi's Magic). 

Okay MTV Cribs Here is Nixon's room- take a look:

View when walking through the door. The curtains, superman blanket, red pillow, and valance were all custom made my Mimi's Magic. The checkered quilt was done by a dear friend Amy Cunnington. Both of these women have skillZ!

After a long day of chasing Guapo and playing at the park- Nixon rests his head here. (Polk-a-dot sheet was purchased at Target) 
This Superman Blanket is  mostly for decor and was handmade by Mimi herself. She made that Superman "s" by cutting out fabric and sewing it on to the blanket. It matches the one on the valance as well.
We got these hand painted...I was the one who chose Wonder Woman- we needed to represent some girl power in this room! 
This is a large painting we had done that hangs above the leather chair. 

 This is another painting that we had to put up - one of Brooks' favorites. 

Well, there you have it- Nixon's superhero room...hopefully, he enjoys superheros...or we just may have a problem- maybe changing it to my vintage owl idea in the future. :)

Besitos, xoxo



small town kid said...

I really like to 6 super hero paintings. I know you said you had them hand painted. Are they available for purchase somewhere? Thanks.

Williams Family said...

I've been admiring your "super" nursery. Can you share where you got the hand-painted superhero pictures?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you got the paintings? I love them! I'm trying to do a Super Hero room for my 5 year old and these would be perfect!


Cristi said...

We had them painted by someone who paints from me and maybe I can give you their contact info.