Thursday, March 24, 2011

One Year

Dear Diary,
I love this kid. Even when he hardly will crack a smile during our very important one year old photo shoot. Doesn't he know his mommy is a photographer...there is pressure to capture just the right photo! I still love you though. 

first word: "Guapo"- he's obsessed.
favorite thing to do this week: Tease Guapo and Dance
travels: Utah, Miami, Virginia, and New York
favorite object: Balloons- anything round really.
Favorite Snack: changes daily- this morning was yogurt.
Nixon is great at: shopping with his mom- he is a trooper!
Nixon is not as great at: Staying still while changing his this normal? It's impossible.

Oh speak of the devil..I hear him now... Nap time is over- which means mommy blog time is over. More photos of his first birthday shoot will be posted soon.

Love, C Dame


Pablo, Syd and Charlotte said...

What a cute picture! Its so crazy how fast our kids are growing! And Char won't hold still for diaper changes either! She goes crazy and runs away and hides. If i try to keep her still she screams. Can't wait to be done with diapers!

dave&abby johnson family said...

CUTE!! Happy birthday buddy!!! He is so darling Cristi!

Cristi said...

Glad to know I am not the only one Sydney! Thanks Abby! We really need to catch up!

veronica almeida said...

Thanks for posting. I spend all day looking at your blog. I get very close to the computer and blow kisses at Nixon.

Margie Holt said...

He is so cute Cristi! What a doll! I remember those twisting days changing diapers.