Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Under the big golden tree...

art in the office

after we got back inside


my love.

Dear Little Man,
Seems like this week I have wanted to do nothing but be around you holding and kissing you. Today, I brought you with me to my office and you were in love with all the fun toys and art supplies!

Then, as I was walking out the door you shut it behind me and... it locked...with my keys and camera inside. I just had to laugh at this moment. We made the best of the beautiful weather as we plopped right down under a big golden tree watching the leaves float and fall around us in the wind... it was a magical day.  Thank you to our really sweet landloard who came back from his lunch to let us back in. It was a great day to be locked outside.

Little Man-I am loving this stage you are cuddly- so expressive- so lively- so curious-so you.
I love being your mom.

Your mommy

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