Tuesday, May 03, 2011

amazing mama mimi

Dear Diary-
Do you want to know who is an amazing mama?

Evelyn Dame (AKA Mimi). She raised 5 busy body boys (including Brooks)... okay enough said!? But not only that- she did it all with such style and grace. Did I tell you she is an AMAZING semestress and while I was writing this post I received a text from her telling me she was working on finishing a wall panel for my office and to text her back a measurement. What? It is nearly 11pm... She is amazing. You can find more about her and her sewing abilities on her etsy shop. I'll post our office amazingness when it's finished! Thanks Mimi!

So in honor of Mother's day approaching, here are photos of our Mimi and my cute little niece McCall who was visiting last month.  We were lucky to have her come over one afternoon to play. Of course I had to capture the moment... More photos of McCall can be found on my photo blog here.

Give Mimi a squeeze
Little tighter
Okay that's good!

McCall: "Lets play doll house!"
Nixon: "...More into playing with a ball"


How will this work?

Besitos, xoxo
a grateful daughter-in-law

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