Friday, April 18, 2008

Birthday Bash

Well, I have to admit as I get older, I have noticed that birthdays become a little bit more and more well how do I put this… lame. What happened to the balloons, cupcakes, party hats, streamers, friends running around, piñatas, confetti, party bags, music, punch, games, birthday cake, and best of all…loads and loads of birthday presents wrapped with ribbons and bows! Well, I guess times have has changed. But I try no matter what life has brought us to make it a special day. This year we had a fun party with the ones we love…our dog kids, Guapo and Bentley. But I have to admit the gift Brooks got from me was pretty dang sweet…in fact he is playing it as we speak! Check out the highlights of our celebration.

Here is some footage of opening the presents: Don’t mind my camera skills on the video…I forget sometimes I am not holding a camera and taking photos…hence the vertical shots) My favorite moment: Bentley wearing a birthday hat. Priceless.

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