Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Our little dog El Guapo and I went on a long jog this morning…his hunting instincts were kicking in as he ran through the tall grass chasing birds! I watched him running around -free spirited... yet staying close by me...and I got to thinking…Wow! Guapo is growing up…he is now officially one years old! Since Guapo was adopted from the Humane Society, it was unknown when he was born, but it was estimated that he was born over 12 months ago! So. it is time to celebrate Guapo’s first birthday and his 8 months with our family! So, here is a little about Guapo for those who haven’t met him.

HIS FAVORITE GAME: hands down… tug of war…I am still working with him on my favorite game-Frisbee.
FUNNIEST MOMENT: when he did a somersault in the back seat because he was so happy! He loves doing somersaults in peoples laps.
NOT SO FUNNY MOMENT: when he knocked out my tooth...long story...explain later.
SCARIEST MOMENT: when he got into the antifreeze in the garage and I had to take them to emergency vet to eat coal…yah expensive experience!
BROOKS’ PET PEEVE: when he digs holes in the backyard.
MY PET PEEVE: when he gets his nose a little too close while I eat.
PROUD MOMENTS: he has yet to have an accident in the house or chew anything of value…very proud.
CUTEST MOMENTS: When he runs outside with his mouth open trying to catch snowflakes.

• Sit
• Lay
• Roll over
• High Five
• Stay
• Drop it
• Front and Center ( a.k.a- come)
• Dance (although this can be dangerous…we rarely do this one)
• Side
• Being off leash
• Not jumping up on guests
• Catching balls and Frisbees and returning them
• Swimming and fetching sticks in the lake
• Kennel up

• Sitting when a child wants to pet him
• Playing dead
• Hide and Seek
• Picking up his toys
• Not getting too excited when seeing other dogs
• Stop goosing everyone
• Chewing bones on his mat only
• Doing his business in one area of backyard and not digging in the backyard
• Washing the dishes (Brooks thinks we need to give our dogs more household responsibility ;)

Here is the 8 months in review with out little guy!

Oaky, the love for our dog may seem a bit extreme...but I can't help but love the little guy! I'm a dork. :)

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Hilda said...

One year already?! Happy B-day Guapo!