Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm not Gay I just like to decorate

So the other day I was out looking for some new tools for a project i'm working on.

I had some time so stopped by my favorite store, TJ Maxx. I stop by every couple of months to see if there is anything we need for our house. (It isn't quite finished Plus instead of going out and buying a ton of stuff it kind of lets us just find the right pieces to put it all together when they come about.)

Now, I don't mind looking for stuff for the house. My mom majored in Fashion merchandising and Interior design in college so many of my days as a kid were spent running errands with my mom to fabric stores, carpet stores, etc. I've got a pretty good eye if I do say so myself. It is kind of nice to fun to see everything come together.

So I went into TJ's not really looking for anything in particular and found this pretty cool piece of art. It was big and I wanted something that made a statement and worked well with the colors we have in the house.

So I pull out this frame and I stand back to look at it. And it's probably 4x4 feet, so pretty large. I'm admiring it and thinking, "Yeah this would work, I'm gonna get this" Then a guy comes around the corner and joins me staring at the piece. He puts his hand to his chin and looks deep in thought. I thought he was going to say something like, "I don't get it"
And so to break the awkwardness i say, "So what do you think?" "I like it a lot" he responds. "What kind of house do you have? What is your style?" I tell him that the house is clean lines, modern/contemporary but not out there a lot of elementary/Earthy and wood elements.
He says, "I see come with me" and takes me down one of the aisles. We stop at a modern painting. "He says, "I don't like the pictures but these bold colors would go well with your house." You know something he is right. He tells me about a piece of art he hung on his wall even when his wife didn't think it would work, and now she loves it.

So we walk back over the the piece I was looking at to start with and he says, "I really like this one, that's got my vote."

He then looks at me and says, "I'm not Gay, I just like to decorate. I'm good at it and my wife hates that I'm better at it than her."

It was pretty funny. I ended up buying the piece and hung it up on the wall when I got home. Cristi approved.


Cristi said... husband has very good taste. ;)

Deb said...

Where is the pic of it?!

Hilda said...

That's pretty awesome. You should post a picture of it.

pk said...

Yeah, where's the picture? That there proves you're not gay, Brooks!

Jessica Taggart said...


Remember that HEINOUS floral shirt you got from the Maxx in college? And those capris? Some people might beg to differ about your sexual preference:) Maybe you could have your own decorating TV show?

kerri d said...

Love that the guy helped you - and then felt like he needed to tell you he wasn't gay! My best helper-luck shopping has been running into your mom in JoAnn's!