Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Battle Wound.

Well well it has been over three months since my fingers have hit the keyboard to update ya'll on what we have goin' on here at the Dame house...maybe there is TOO much going on and TOO little time! Between going to class, shooting and editing photos, and seeing counseling clients...I have been avoiding this blog...the thought of figuring out where to even begin has been just way too overwhelming! But today is the night that I refuse to pull a late night editing and will ignore the "to do list" for a moment and sit down and catch up on the last few months.

Hmmmm- how about I start with the here and now and work my way backwards? At this rate maybe...just maybe I will get caught up by the end of next year! As I sit on the livingroom floor, I begin to think about the last two days. Bentley is now nudging my left arm and I now attempting to type with one hand while I pet him with my other. Brooks is at the gym getting ready for swimsuit wearing in Hawaii- where I should probablly be as well seing as Hawaii is in like four days and I have been stuffing my face with all the holiday goodies!!! Guapo is on the right side- sprawled out and dozing off on part of my lap. The little guy has been following me everywhere for the last few days since the "park accident." You see Guapo got in the way of a dog and his ball at the park last Friday and walked away with a battle wound to prove it. So, me, usually "over-reacting" to situations like this decided to play it calm this time and try to nurse the wound myself...yeah... that didn't go so well. Pretty soon Guapo had so much neosporin on his fur that it had created a large dirty crusty patch on his neck. The wound that looked like a smoker's throat hole was just not healing. Despite Brooks' hesitation, it was off to the vet and dig into the pockets to pay for the damage. It was time to come to terms with how serious it really was. Several hours and 6 staples later, Guapo came out with a lovely neck brace looking thing and was on the road to recovery.

Day ONE: Guapo comes home from the vet- a tad sedated and continually staring off into space. He greets Brooks with his new harness and newly rapped bandage. We get a good laugh at how rediculous he looks and how funny he was acting. He got a lot of sympathy attention.

Guapo tries on his new e-collar. He is not a fan.

Bandages are removed and wound exposed...six staples!


kerri d said...

Poor baby!

Have a great time in Hawaii :)

Deb said...

You really can tell how sad and depressed he was about the brace. Poor guy. I love how then you pan over to Bentley and there he is...bulldoggy...and the first thing I do is laugh and go "Why is he making that grouchy face?!"