Sunday, March 08, 2009

India highlights

THE NIGHT LIFE: 7 movies, 20 games of solitaire, 3 hours of sleep, and 4 hours of "attempting" to study later and we arrived in India ready for a night on the town! This photo was taken at a dance club with in hours of arriving. We don’t mess around.

EXPLORING: I loved getting lost and taking photos of what I experienced. We wandered and hopped on trains in search for the must sees in Mumbai.

No Boys allowed on my train.

BARGAINING: I don’t claim to be the best bargainer…okay I am a total sucker and have a difficult time walking away from vendors. Here are a few of the friends I met along the way…how could I say no to shiny bags and old bent postcards?

BOLLYWOOD: We rocked our dances Bollywood style for the bride and groom.

HENNA: Henna and dancing- what a great combo! I loved my Henna hand art. Brooks’ henna on the other hand was…well… a bit girly. Guys normally don’t get henna, so I think the women was playing a mean joke on him by putting HUGE hearts on the tops of his hands!

I must say that I too experienced “henna remorse” after agreeing to put a band on my arm…when it was done I was not a fan of the band on my arm… it’s faded into a splotchy birth mark figure- not attractive.

CEREMONY: dancing, music, food, colorful attire- loved it.

THE HAPPY COUPLE- This is Brooks' friend Sanjay and his new beautiful wife Shraddha. View more of the ceremony on my photo blog. Coming real soon.

RED CARPET: What an extravagant and stunning soiree! They had like 150 dishes to choose from including a Cold Stone style ice cream parlor! Over 2,000 guests were in attendance! Who are those beautiful celebrities walking the red carpet… oh no wait- it’s just us.

SNAKE CHARMER- Contrary to popular belief, snakes can’t really hear the music of the flute and respond to the sight of the flute instead. That took the magic out of it for me. Then the man asked if we wanted to touch the snake…needless to say… I declined. I am not a snake fan.

JAIPUR: Among the several sites we saw, I really enjoyed Amer fort and the City Palace. I chose to where my sari and had fun taking photos in front of these historical buildings. More photos to come on my photo blog.

CAMEL: I feel guilty taking this photo because moments before a man had the camel inhale a cigarette and blow it out as you see in this photo. Oddly enough, the camel really seemed to enjoy his drag...but somehow, it just seemed wrong.

LASSE-Lasse is a yogurt drink that we enjoyed for the most part. We drank it in these clay cups that were so fun to break afterwards. I am not sure how clean they were- but it was about the experience right? On this occasion, it wasn’t the smartest idea … our stomachs regretted that choice for days.

CAMEL RIDE-We couldn’t leave India without riding on a camel…once again I am guilty of endorcing animal cruelty. These poor camels struggled to stand up while kneeling down.. it was painful to watch him try to lift Brooks and I (okay mostly Brooks) starting from the kneeling down position. I vow never to make a camel do that again- but it was a memorable experience!

Camel making it's way down...poor guy just dropped to his knees. Never again little camel!


DC Diva said...


Can we trade lives? Please?

Amazing! All of it. Just Amazing!

Eric and Nicole said...

I have to say WOW! too. What an awesome experience. Cristi, you look gorgeous in those pics with you Indian attire. Brooks, gorgeous wouldn't be the right word for you, but I love the indian hat(what are they called?) on you.

Bianca said...

So cool. I love all of the pictures- they're amazing. I wish we could have gone with you! What an adventure. Except...I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have been able to last the entire flight without getting nauseous.

veronica flores said...

India is one place I haven't been yet. How amazing and interesting.