Wednesday, April 14, 2010


So, I was in charge of our combined Young Woman and Young Men's activity last week and thought I would make an easy treat for about 50, what is more simple than a little Rice Crispee Treat right? A little butter, some marshmallows, and rice crispees thrown together and VUALA- Pure yumminess!  No problem...20 minutes max right? How about almost 4 HOURS!!! This is how my day went:

12:10 pm- With Nixon sleeping in his crib, I ventured into the kitchen and went to work taking out the ingredients and warming up the butter and marshmallow mixture. 

12:20- I was in the middle of mixing the warm marshmallows and butter mixture when I heard Nixon begin to cry.... Being a new mom that shutters to the sound of her baby crying- I stopped mid stir and ran to his rescue.

12:50- With a full belly, Nixon rested in my arms not wanting to be put down while I re-heated the mixture and began to stir...this time it being almost impossible with one hand- quite the arm workout! One handed, I tipped the rice crispee cereal in the mixture and tried stirring it in a bowl only to realize my bowl was too small and it came pouring over the bowl and all onto the counter top. Oops!

1:00- with the bowl overflowing of sticky marshmallows mess and rice crispees spread all across the counter, I grabbed another bowl with my sticky marshmallow hand and attempted to transfer the now hardened mixture into a larger one to finish stirring and then transfered it again to a glass dish...not an easy task for the one handed.

1:15- With one batch finished, I starting the process over (one handed)... lets just say it was nearly impossible yet a humorous balancing act.

1:20- Fed-ex man at the door- my hands covered in marshmallow goo and literally stuck to the wooden spoon...I opted to ignore it. 

1:45-  Nixon is hungry AGAIN...time to feed.

2:20- Continued where I left off now with Nixon now in a sling. 

2:45- Phone rings and I run to get it stepping on melted marshmallow goo that had fallen onto the floor. I then scramble to rinse my foot off in the sink to only run over it again while running to the phone.  I missed the phone call.

3:15- Tried cutting treats with a heart cut out... nearly impossible to do. 

3:45- Giving up after cutting out 30 hearts I finished cutting them with a bread knife.

4:00- Finished. Exaughisted. Time to clean up the disaster mess... after taking a few photos of course.

How did a 20 minute recipe turn into a 4 hour mess?

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Pablo, Syd and Charlotte said...

hahaha. oh, the joys of motherhood!