Friday, April 30, 2010

My little Mandylee...

Today my lil' sister Mandy sent me a message on facebook with a little poem:

Cristi, the eldest, is fire

Born a leader, she’s fearless, and strong-willed

Always someone to admire

If I was shoved to the ground,
She’d persecute the one who pushed me
I pity the one she found
Because he’s dead meat!

My Big Sisters, are my protectors
They are at my side in a heartbeat
They become my own personal team of inspectors
Making sure I am always okay
Because they are my guardian sisters.
That keeps evil at bay. 

I love you Mandylee! I wish I was close by to you. Here is a photo of you and Nix when you were here in March!! He is 5 weeks here. We love and miss you!!


veronica almeida said...

She showed me that poem and some others she has ddone in her English class. they very good.

Bianca said...

Such a cute photo. And I love that poem. We get that poetry writing stuff from mom. And I also can't believe that Nix is almost 3 months already! Ahhh!