Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nixon- my hardest newborn client.

As a photographer, I dreamed of the day I could snap shots of my own little baby in the luxury of my home and in my PJs. I imagined myself folding him all into cutesie newborn positions and putting him in slings, beanies, baskets, and  chairs all while he was asleep. Many of you are thinking- that sounds like baby cruelty! But newborn photos are all about capturing how little and innocent they are while they lay asleep all curled up. Nixon however, being a premie, never really liked to be all balled up like that- but instead loved (still does) to stretch out. Brooks and I tried curling him into one of Brook's beanies... but he screamed out in protest. 

Finally, we were able to get him to sleep and we attempted to curl him up on a chair. Nixon- you have been the hardest newborn client I have ever photographed. But I still love you.


*This was taken a week after he was home from the hospital.


Nicole said...

Great pictures! I love the ones of Nixon, his daddy and his bow tie. Awesome!

veronica almeida said...

He is so adorable!

Melanie said...

I love the pictures! They are so beautiful! ANd I love the ones of Nixon and Brooks.

Pablo, Syd and Charlotte said...

hahaha. its so frustrating, when you want you kid to do something and they get super irritated. Those pics are classic. nixon is so cute, we can't wait to meet him . . . some how we're going to have to get together soon.