Friday, May 14, 2010

smiles to serious in seconds...

Hey mister how do you go from such happy smiles to complete seriousness in seconds as soon as I whip out my camera? Don't you know I am a photographer who wants to send your big smile to your aunties and grandparents across the globe?? It's okay...I like the serious GQ model look you are giving me in the last photo. Maybe you are trying to "smize" like Tyra Banks taught you. Or maybe you think I am a weirdo. 
I love you. 

Ok so maybe I am trying a little too hard to get his smiles out in this video(sorry kiddo)... I think he is embarrassed of his sweet double chin that is highlighted in this film! He is now starting to actually look like a somewhat squishy baby!
 I love you buddy.
Serious Bathtime from Cristi Dame on Vimeo.

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