Friday, March 25, 2011

to my faithful readers (my mom)

Dear Diary and faithful readers (AKA my mom),

I have decided to unlock my diary and keep it open (at least for now) in hopes to increase my readers and increase my diary entries. I haven't been as regular in writing here as I'd like to so I thought about testing this out. But let me tell you that this will not just be an ordinary blog… I have some really exciting things coming your way… nope- not telling…you will just have to follow me to find out. :)

 So if you haven’t yet- FOLLOW ME! I can promise very exciting things to come- but you won't know until you follow and check back! 

Love, C Dame

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Anonymous said...

hey, sorry for not following your blog, I just found the last one yesterday in my "junk" emails. I've marked it as "safe" for future enjoyment. Love your dad.

Bianca said...

I'm following you!! Love your photos, stories, words, insights...excited for what's to come!

Cristi said...

Dad- I will forgive you... Thanks Bianca! What are you doing awake at this hour- New York time??