Monday, March 28, 2011

Today's Impressions.

Dear Diary,
Today I feel Inspired. I am not sure about what- just INSPIRED! This photo reflects my mood and inspiration today. It was one I took last week while going for an inspiration walk. During Nixon's nap- I decided to do whatever I was in the mood for and decided to look back on my inspiration walk photos from last week. You can see more about what that is and more of the photos from my inspiration walk on my photo blog.

I normally work Monday afternoons but took the day off to be with my little sick Nixon. With a clear schedule, I didn't have any intentions already set for what the day should look like or any "to do list" to cross off.  Needless to say, it was a simple but amazing day with Nixon. Today I let the day guide me. No agenda. It was amazing. 

Today's impressions:
Comfy PJs
Fluffy Pancakes
Crackling sounds of bacon
Sunshine through the windows
Chasing Nix around on the floor
Rocking him to sleep
Then watching him sleep
Splish Splash in his bubble bath
Rubbing his back with baby Vicks (vix vaparoo- family inside joke- for another post)
Kisses and Cuddles
BLTs for Dinner
Brownie and Mint Ice cream for Dessert
Excited to see Brooks

More tomorrow. Besitos.

Love, An Inspired Woman

Note: this was a really quickly written entry today... it's our Family Night and as soon as Brooks gets home- we turn off phones and computers to hang out... He's on his way home...beware of misspelled words or grammatical errors!)

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veronica almeida said...

Treasure those days when you are home even when is due to illness. Just remember the movie Annie with "the sun will come out tomorrow."