Wednesday, April 06, 2011

I really want family photos done...

(I didn't get a chance to post this last night)
Dear Diary,

I it is true I am a photographer. And it is true that I have over 15 empty frames in my house just waiting for just the right photo to be placed in there and hung on our bare walls. But just the perfect photo of our family just doesn't happen like that. Last October this was my attempt of getting a family photo... propping a camera on a tripod just wasn't cutting it-  so, needless to say- it turned into another Nixon photo shoot. I am okay with that- he is pretty cute.

 With Spring here- I am determined to get photos taken and frames filled. Here are the photos of our attempt to take family photos last fall. Get ready for our spring collection! It's coming.

Besitos xoxo


Yes a smile!

Smiles didn't last long
Serious face

Brooks is showing leaves- trying to get Nixon to Smile.... 
Resort to kisses


Checking out leaves
Peek a Boo

Now we get smiles






amanda (+ mike and elle) said...

i just found your blog... and this post TOTALLY makes me smile:) i'm by no means a photographer, but i NEVER have pictures with my little elle because i'm always the one behind the camera! this weekend i begged my husband to take just a few... but it's just not the same! it kills me to "pay" someone (does that sound awful?")... when i can take "fine" pictures myself! i guess the compromise is... i just can't be in them, too:)

Cristi said...

I know right? It is so hard to pay for something I can do myself...but I am learning that I really can't do myself. Ha! We should do a trade!