Saturday, April 02, 2011

Organization Project #1

Dear Diary, 

Yesterday I was supposed to be preparing tax stuff...instead I decided to organize...anything but my tax stuff! oops. :/

I had the best intentions I promise but then I came across this blog and was inspired: i Heart Organizing...I was in HEAVEN. This year, my new year resolution was "To Get Organized" in every area of my life. So, I have been attempting to do small weekly projects until I get there... and this blog.... was just what I needed to acquire a little extra motivation! You gotta go check it out! So, I decided to tackle my biggest problem area of the house...our paper/art desk. Doesn't matter how many times I clean it... piles magically appear of mail, art projects, and pretty much any random thing that we can't find a place for at that moment. As you can see-it needed MAJOR help!! 


So this is the way I I tackle an organization project- First thing is to not get overwhelmed... so,  I try to start in a small area and allow plenty of time to complete it. I then clear the entire space and give it a good polish cleaning so I can then visualize what I want the space to be used for and solve any problems (like my mail/bill  pile up) that may be causing the space to be inefficient. 

Step #1 Clear the Space Completely
Step #2 Visualize Space Functionality 
Step #3 Add Organization Solutions Such As: 
Paper Organizers
*To make these labels I just cut out scrapbook paper in little rectangles and stamped the words on the front. Then I attached a magnet to the back. 
(Attach them to File Organizer) 
Glass Magnets
*To make these magnets: I purchased clear glass pieces and punched out scrapbooking paper to the size of glass. Paste glass on paper and glue a magnet to the back. Easy Breezy. Find out more on How Does She- (another one of my most recent gem blogs I found!)
Magnet /Chalk Board
*To make the magnet board paint Chalk Board Paint to metal sheet- let dry. Then add any embellishments you want. 

Place for Art Utensils
It was such a simple transformation but it makes a world of difference to the feeling of the room now. Thank you Jen for your inspirational blog. I will be visiting often as I tackle the rest of the organization tasks this year. Up next- Meal planning and recipe for more to come!

Besitos xoxo, 
The Organizing Dame

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