Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cloth Diapers Anyone?

Aren't these cute? 
Dear Diary,
I woke up this morning to find the once stocked drawer of diapers to only have 5 left!! Ahhh the day has come...the day where I promised myself that I would look into cloth diapering! I had been planning to do it right from the start but the look on experienced mother's faces when I told them I was going to do cloth was like "you don't even know what you are talking about- you're crazy" scared me.  

But I am a little crazy...that is why I purposely didn't stock up the diaper drawer so that I would be forced to do what I always wanted to do. So, I quickly ran to the computer and googled "cloth diapering in boise" and found Kimberly right away with She came over and gave me a 101 lesson on cloth diapering and I was sold.  I mean my husband has a sustainable sunglass company...shouldn't we be using sustainable diapers as well? Well that is how I sold it to my very skeptical husband. :)

 Plus she said the resale value is great...anyone wanting used diapers in the future? Anyone? No? Maybe my sister's and I can share then? It even almost inspired to buy a sewing machine so I can sew up my own... almost. I'll let ya know. 

Well...Here is the first attempt to the cloth diapering world. Wish me luck.

besitos, xoxo

crazy mama

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