Wednesday, June 08, 2011

my age. my life.

Your Age. Your Life.
Dear Diary,
Today I did a soul collage. Read more about what they are and how to do them here.

Today's Reflections
In a few hours I will be 29.  
One year away from 30. 
How time has flown by. 
Greater Impact: Smaller Footprint...
My main focus is on my family.
I no longer have the need to be a perfectionist...
 I am striving to "find my place in the rhythm of life."
I can't wait to see what is behind that door.
But I am sad to say goodbye to 28. 
What will cross my path this year?
What flowers will bloom?
What beauty will life bring?
Farewell 28. 
You will be missed.

Besitos xoxo, 
An almost 29 year old

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veronica almeida said...

I honestly thought you were turning 30, don't know why. Be glad you got one last extra year as a twentysomething.