Saturday, April 19, 2008

California Sun.

Boise weather is confusing…one minute sunshine with blue skies and then the next cold winds and rain…why are so confused weather? In attempt to escape the fickle forecast, we flew out to Malibu where it was guaranteed to be warm and sunny! (Of course that same weekend it was high 70’s in Boise) So, we dusted off our flip flops and packed our suits- then cruised on over to the California sun to visit Todd and Mel. Mmmmm gotta love the smell of sandy beaches, cut grass, and clear skies…it was awesome. Of course we had to hit up an amusement park, so, cruised to Knott’s Berry Farm. Leaving the park with uneasy bellies and whiplash from being dropped, flipped, thrown, and twirled numerous times, we were hungry! What sounds more appealing after a day in the park than chicken fried chicken and biscuits at the famous restaurant outside of the park! It was pretty sweet! I think I will let Brooks blog about the rest of the trip (He is busy playing guitar hero and I am waiting for my turn..we need to get two guitars) Well, thanks Mel and Todd…It was so nice to leave school behind for a weekend and come and play with you guys!

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Melony and Todd said...

Yeah! What a fun weekend! I wish you guys could have stayed longer for confession..I mean church. So much fun! We are excited to see you guys next weekend. Party time! I was chatting with Mel and I think it would be fun for all of us to do a girls night or something? Intersted?