Monday, April 21, 2008

Time to contribute

outside the pink.

So, Pinkberry was started in California and is pretty good. Maybe a little overrated but tasty. If it is good enough for Paris it must be good for me. I was taking a pic of the sign and this guy was thinking I was taking a picture of his lady so he pulled her out of the way. Lamo. As far as stars in Malibu that we saw. I saw the dude from the Shield, the big bald dude. No clue what his name is and when we were in the store there was a guy from notting hill. No clue what his name is either.

as you can tell. I don't follow the movie stars very close. If it's not Tom Cruise I'm not interested.

So pinkberry is the most delicious rip off ever. It is just yougurt and fruit. And then you sell your kidney and you can get a medium. Good deal. But i felt healthy and full after it was all said and done. Pinkberry get some chocolate flavor or i'm not coming back, original, green tea, and coffee are not choices.


Cristi has been getting on me about our blog.

I have my own blog and I have a hard time keeping up with that. I guess I figure I want to spend more time in the real world than the cyber world. I spend all day on a computer at work reading emails, flow charts, financials, quotes, etc. When I get home sometimes I want to just chill out.

But, United we stand divided we fall. If my blog ends up being sweeter than our blog together then what does that mean? Nothing probably, but It could be interpreted that I care more about myself than about us (cristi and me).

So here I am adding just a little awesome to our blog.

I was thinking today about Hawaii one of my friends at church was talking about taking his family there for a break in May. And I thought if I lived in Hawaii first I'd buy some new clothes. One shirt would say "Hang Loose" because locals wear those. Another shirt would say "local motion", which is pretty clever. Another shirt would be a throwback University of Hawaii shirt ,when the team was called the Rainbows and the cheerleaders would say, "Go 'Bows" into the camera when they were actually on TV. Now they are the warriors and I don't get that how do you go from a rainbow to a warrior. Seems like an extreme. So I don't want to represent the warriors. i want to rep the 'Bows. Because that's old school and only a local would no that. Next shirt in the wardrobe i would get is a Hawaiian shirt. But not the touristy ones with like fish on it. It would have to be like flowers or something then I would take off the top 3 buttons because if you're local you don't even button those up. So why not just get rid of them so you're never tempted to use them. You can't go back to the way of the tourist once you become local.
The last shirt I would get would say, "You flew here i grew here" I think that is pretty much self explanatory. But that way it would solidify my localness and people wouldn't even ask me where i was from. They would ask me all the best surf spots and best place to get pinapples and coconuts and stuff like that.

I might get another shirt that says "World's greatest lover" too. Just so there's not question on that side of things too. I mean shirts that say stuff on them could make it easier for everyone. I wouldn't even have to any talking. It would be so easy.
Then I would work on my tan. Which is the easy part. A little tanning oil and a few hours in the noon day sun and I'm a local. DOn't even question it. Life plan solved in 5 mins of writing on my... I mean our Blog. I have a feeling that all my best material is going to go here and will become weak. hmmmmmm. I need to come up with a plan for keeping the hotness there.

Here are some pictures from our Cali trip.

sweet. Thanks todd and Mel for your hospitality and your air mattress good times. good times. I bought a california shirt while I was that now everyone in Idaho hates me now because they think I moved up here from there to take over everything. Maybe the shirt idea isn't as good as I thought.

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Hilda said...

Your shirt ideas are funny, although I hate to break it to you but I think they've already been just about everyone that goes to Hawaii.