Friday, May 23, 2008

"10Ks are for woosies"

My friend Leah has been trying to get me to run several half marathons here in Boise for the last year and a half. I always seemed to be able to weasel my way out of the races somehow...but last weekend I had no excuses. I went on a jog the day before the race to test out my knees and motivation. And the weirdest thing happened to me... an immediate Forest Gump urge came over me to keep running and running...and running. I honestly felt like my energy would never run out! It was so weird... So, I contemplated running the 10K race the next day without hesitation. But my mom's voice came into my mind with her cute little Spanish accent saying, "10 Ks are for Woooosies!" For those of you who haven't heard her say was a hilarious statement made a few months back when talking about her plans on running the half marathon instead of the 10K. So I thought, "Sheesh if I can run a Marathon without training- 13 miles is nothing." Sign me up! So, like 20 minutes before the race started Brooks dropped me off at the registration booth...I was number 900- I think like the last person to sign up! So, how did it go you ask? Let's just say that the first half was awesome...but my knees were angry with me and were in sooo much pain....the last half... not so cool. I had so much energy to burn but my knees wouldn't let me do what I wanted them to do. Maybe I need to take up biking instead? I have been waddling around like an old lady...Note to Self: train before running any marathon or half marathon.

Not too sure about this....

Can I do this?

I can do this!

Here I go.


Laura Bernard said...

Good for you! Very impressive. Hope your knees recover soon!

kerri d said...

You go Forrest!! I think my lungs would give out about the 6th K, but I have never claimed to be other than a woosie runner. I'll get my exercise chasing little boys :) Proud of you, though!

Hilda said...

So, how did it go? I'm trying to get myself into at least one more 1/2 marathon before I quit running because of my knees. You gotta be careful with them