Monday, June 09, 2008

Quarter Life Crisis

Today is my birthday...okay, for some, turning 26 is no big deal. For me, this has been such a huge milestone. I am no longer considered being in my “early 20’s”…and unfortunately, entered into the “late 20’s” part of my life… and you know what that means- inching closer to being 30! So, I have been going through a little bit of a “quarter-life crisis” this week! (hence the drastic haircut-I'll post pics later) I realized this a few days ago when I practically kissed the checkout girl who asked me for ID when I was buying some sherry vinegar! Mua!- She didn’t believe that I was over 21…made my day! So, maybe there is hope. Maybe we can remain young forever? I know what some are thinking, “But 26 is so young!” Yah yah I know….but I am still having a difficult time coming to grips with the painful reality that I am in fact growing older and there is no putting life on pause. The aching pain in my knees after a long run and the subtle smile lines that are beginning to appear are a constant reminder that I am in fact getting older. These true realities are my little reminders to not only STOP taking life for granted but to STOP and literally take time out to “smell the roses!” As cliché and dumb as that may sound- how often do we really stop and take a moment to do such a small simple thing and appreciate all that life brings. Life passes us by way to fast! With all the hustle and bustle that this year may bring, I promise that I will live each and every day to the fullest and continue to recognize gratitude for the plethora of blessings I've been given. “One life... one chance…gotta do it right.”

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Hilda said...

Happy birthday! Don't worry about the age thing, just enjoy it! One day, 26 will seem so young. I decided that for my quarter life crisis, I'm going to go skydiving. You should join me!