Sunday, August 03, 2008


Yesterday we slept in for the first time since we have been out here. I was stoked to take a hot shower and walk around with my shoes off on carpet! We then ventured out to explore Caracas. It is very much a large city with like 25million people living there. So, every where you go there is a ton of people and long lines. So of course, we had to go to the most popular mall (which was 6 stories high) and do some shopping at my favorite store! We also ate at the Subway that has more sales than any Subway in the world- they had like 10 people working behind the counter and a huge line! We decided to take a break and sit down and have a frosty at Wendy's and some Mango gelato. There are a ton of Italians so the Italian food is awesome! Oh yah I forgot to mention we also watched a girl fight outside... with hair-pulling, scratching, and screaming! Brooks tried to get it on film but was too late because nine (no exaggeration) cops showed up to break it up. It was rad. Wow what a change from Tukuko!

Here are some pics of today's drive through Caracas. Here is a pic of the view of the huge city!

We stopped to look for a good magnet to add to our collection but walked out instead with some mini maracas for my sister Bianca!

Here is dinner. This is called a cachapa... MMMM....they have the best food with lots of yummy cheese!

Gas is sooooooo cheap out here. We filled up the tank for just over a buck! I think we figured it out and it was like 15cents per gallon!!

Of course we had to grab some dessert- churos ricos!

I just love avocados! Look how huge they are here!!!


Bianca said...

It is so good to see your pics! They have a ZARA here too and I am really hoping that we get to go before we leave? Did it still have the cute clothes at such great prices? We just posted on our 10k run, so you´ll have to check it out. There´s a short video clip that gets me laughing everytime when I hear Mandy say, ¨I feel like a winner!¨ She´s hilarious. Anyway, can´t wait to chat with ya on the phone soon! Love ya.

Bianca said...

So I´ve tried to post twice on here, I don´t know why it won´t work. Anyway, if this works this time, I want to say that it is good to hear and see that you guys are doing well! They have ZARA here too and I really hope we can go before we leave. Is it as good as we remember it being- the prices and all? I hope so. Anyway, I can´t wait to get to chat with ya over the phone soon when we´re both back in the States. Love ya!

Bianca said...

Oh, I see have to approve the comments. That would be why they weren´t showing up. Well, you can just delete the last 3 I´ve sent. :)

Cristi said...

B- it is not as cheap as it once was...well, at least the one in Venezuela wasn't ...however, they still have awesome stuff and I always hit the sales rack!

Wendy Weiler King said...

Whoa. I just spent way too much time catching up on your life via your blog. Here is what I have to say:

#1. What!? Did Brooks really film himself WHILE driving? Watch out for that guy on the road.

#2. Happy late birthday! Love the cake purse.

#3. Of course you do-gooders are in Venezuela saving the world. Actually I think Brooks told me about this one... you're teaming up w/ him on motion pics and you on still pics and you've got a great budget to boot? Go save those kids!!

#4. I want a dyson!

#5. That's all I can remember... oh yeah, you're a brilliant photog!

#6. Where will you globetrotters be this Christmas... b/c we might just be in Idaho! We want to visit you!!!

jenichild said...

I love seeing what you guys are up to! That Zara pic brings back some great memories. I wish it was in the states! Did we tell you we moved back to AZ? We're in Tucson now and we really love it. You'll have to come down to visit! We'd love to come up to McCall sometime. You guys look great and I love your short hair!