Friday, August 01, 2008

Tukuko, Venezuela

Well, I finally have access to the world wide web...por fin...we are back in Maracaibo, Venezuela... it is super late here so I don't have too much time or energy but a quick update for now. Last week we have been in a town close to the border of Colombia called Tukuko where we have been filming and taking photos of the indigenous Yupa tribe and the problem with Hepatitis B. It has been a whirlwind since the moment we set foot here. We arrived back in the city now beginning the interviews of the doctors. Tomorrow we head back to Caracas for more interviews and a day or two of editing and of course shopping...there are like 10 Zaras in Caracas;)!

The people gave me these awesome neclaces along with weaved baskets.

The simple way of life.

They danced and sang for us in their language.

We thought this girl was eating worms... it turned out to be pasta!

I couldn't get enough photos of the cute kids...I have plenty more of those photos to come!

Things I have missed in the last week:
-hot showers
-drinking water from a tap
-paved roads
-soft pillows
-cell phones
-keeping in touch with my family
-my dog El Guapo

Things I have learned to appreciate and will miss from Tukuko:
-quiet and peaceful nights
-the sound of kids laughing when I show them the photo I just took of them
-the homemade gifts given to us
-the passion people had when they speak
-the people's kindness and gratitude
-the nun's yummy food
-the phrase "Tranquilo"
-the concept of living in the present moment
-not worrying about being late because everyone else is running late too!
-the simple way of life


veronica flores said...

Cristi and Brooks:
That trip there is amazing. It reminded me of a group of people in El Salvador who are left without a land. They live right in the middle between the border of El Salvador and Honduras and were considered Salvadorans up untill they discovered that their land actually belongs to Honduran territory. Now neither country claims them. It would be neat if we pay them a visit next year. Their lifestyle is very primitive and very few people know about them because they are so isolated.

Jay said...

Brooks and Cristi:
Your Venezuela/Colombia trip sounds incredible. I'd love to hear more about what you guys did and see some of the footage when you're finished! It's always good to read the blog and catch up on you two (and El Guapo of course). We loved seeing Veronica here in El Sal. Shoot us a line sometime when you're not visiting native tribes in South America. We'd love to catch up:

Deb said...

The pics are amazing as usual! Thanks for sharing!