Saturday, February 07, 2009


Few! Final projects over, papers are turned in, and test answers submitted. YAY!!! I felt like doing double backflips!! Then to make it even better...we went with the Dames to Hawaii for Christmas. I had been looking forward to this trip... it was the escape from school and was just what I needed...time to relax...and that is exactly what I did. I love to sit back and people watch. (especially while relaxing on the beach) Life moves too fast and if we don't take a moment to breathe it in- then it will pass us by. I took a lot of photos capturing my paradise to take home and look at during this last semester of school. Check them out on December photo blog entry.

While I watched, I saw nestled between two generations of women- McCall- our one and only niece in between her grandma Mimi and Great grandma Gigi who were helping her with her sand castle. Words can't describe the tenderness this moment brought to me-but through these images I express my gratitude and pay tribute to the women in my life. McCall will forever remeber these women and how they have touched her life through simple moments like these.

Watching the sun rise.



Chiln' on the beach. ( I lost those sunglasses the last day of our trip. Brooks told me he will never buy me nice sunglasses ever again- I should stick to my $12 pair.)

The road to Hana.

Sipping Pina coladas at at the luau.

Chilln' with Mcally pops.

Visiting with my cousin Amey who lives in Maui.

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veronica flores said...

I love that picture of Amey and you Cristi. I want to make something for Shirley for her next birthday and I would like that picture. save it, please.