Friday, February 06, 2009


We flew across the states to Virginia to spend Thanksgiving with my family. To celebrate Mandy's birthday what better way to start our vacation then with 6 games of laser tag (we had the whole place to ourselves) and some yummy Italian food.

Then it was off to Williamsburg. There's not a better place to celebrate Thanksgiving than Williamsburg.

We worked up an appetite from walking around so I was excited when the time came to sit around a round table and stuff our faces with a yummy buffet! MMMMM it was good...and the best part was that there were several choices, no prep work, and best of all- no dishes! It was a memorable Thanksgiving!

Then we danced the night away... old school style. Shortly after this photo was taken we hit the "Black Friday" madness at the outlet shops at 12:00am... little did we know that the whole state of Virginia would join us...but that didn't stop us...we shopped till we dropped... a total of 6 hours that night and then about 4 more hours the next day! Knocked out Christmas shopping all in one day!

Then we spent some time out Joe's parent's beautiful home and took photos- gotta get more sister photos!

Montecello trip.

Then it was a day trip to D.C. It is such a cool place!!

We had dinner at our friends Wendy and Anderson thinks Brooks is halarious!


Bianca said...

I love the picture of Mandy and me with mom in the middle at Montecello. We are both pulling off the clasic, "mom is crazy" face. We love you mom! I miss y'all.

Cristi said...

I think mom had just said, "take a lot of photos so you can choose a good one for my funeral some day."
-classic mom thing to say!