Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Study. Graduate. Play.

Ok. I know. It has been some time since my last entry but with good reason. My life has been INSANE since I last blogged and I have a feeling it is just about to get more so in the upcoming year! Hmmmm Lets see... lost months in review:


I studied. That pretty much sums it up.


I took the National Board Exam along with my oral and written comps. This is us in Pocatello (over Brooks' 30 birthday weekend) before our exam..I am kissing the ISU rock for good luck! 2 months later I found out that I passed. :) That gray hair and stress for nothing! Really I found a gray hair after that test...not cool.


After THREE LONG years...I graduated with my Masters of Counseling...then wedding season began. See photoblog.

Words can't describe (this photo does however) how stoked I am to be done with school (for now)! Brooks told me that he is happy to have his "old wife back"...no clue what that means?? I couldn't have been all that much of a stress case for the last three years could I have?? Now it is time to celebrate missed birthdays and FREEDOM!!!!

More of these photos on my photoblog

JUNE and JULY trip photos to come.


Bianca said...

Yay for finishing school!!! That is so awesome, and so great that you passed your exam. Now you have some "extra time" to come visit us in Virginia...right? :) Love you and miss you both.

kerri said...

hooray you're blogging again! Super fun pics of you & Brooks at the bottom. Glad I got to see you guys a bit last month :)