Friday, March 19, 2010

hospital continued...

Well, February 17th marked the day I was to have my baby boy. Having just found out the day prior that I was going to be induced and having procrastinated getting my overnight bag ready, we scrambled to get everything ready the night was crazy to think that in less than 24 hours I was going to be delivering a baby boy. I was so excited but pretty freaked out. You see, I have had a fear of needles, hospitals, surgery, and giving birth since I was ten years old when I was in the delivery room witnessing my little sister Mandy being born- let's just say it was not a pleasant experience...if you are a parent considering having your young child be part of the labor experience...don't. 17 years later and I was still afraid of hospitals.

So, for the past few months in effort to ease my fears, I turned to anything I could find to prove my traumatizing experience wrong...let's just say it confirmed my fears instead.

Things I witnessed and enhanced the trauma and don't recommend:

1. Watching endless episodes of Birth Day and A Baby Story on TLC... not recommended.
2. Searching You Tube for videos of labor... (this was Brooks' idea)-don't even think about it.
3. Read books and searching the Internet on what to expect- photographs and descriptions of the medical procedures and all the medical things that could go wrong were not comforting.
4. and lastly the cherry on top... watching the women checking in in front of us at the hospital hunched over in her wheelchair moaning and groaning and then later screaming in the room next to let's just say that didn't help.

But there was no going back. So, now the question you are all wondering...was it really all that bad as I thought? The answer is no...okay there were those moments that I was empathizing with that women moaning earlier in the wheelchair but I would do it over and over again in a heart beat if it meant to have my little man in my life. So, no it was not all that bad...I even enjoyed the hospital stay... I am cured.

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Nicole said...

Congrats! Welcome to Motherhood!