Sunday, April 04, 2010

Nixon Bradly Dame here.

So, at 8am on February 17th induction began and around 3:00 pm Nixon Bradly Dame (we didn't know his name at the time) was ready to make his appearance into this world... and within minutes he was here! He weighed 4lbs 15 oz and was over 18 inches long. Nothing can explain the immediate love I had for this little guy. He was all mine. It was amazing!

I can't explain the hunger I was feeling after the labor and I remembered that I had been saving mint oreos (my favorite treat) for my reward. The nurse brought me some milk and I went to town dunking my little delicious oreos. They were the tastiest mint oreos I have ever had. MMMMMMM.

Unfortunately I didn't get to hold him very long before he was rushed to the NICU. His umbilicord was wrapped around his neck and he struggled to catch his breath. So, due to coming a month early and being a low birth weight he was admit ed into the NICU for further testing and monitoring. It was hard to leave my little guy behind but I knew he was being taken care of by such a great staff of nurses.

How fragile life is and in my arms I held the newest addition to my life. Nixon is such a strong little guy. He was so patient and brave through all the poking and bright lights. I just know he is going to be such a brave and patient little man. I love him so much.

It took us several days to decide on a name...he was just "baby dame" until a few days later we finally knew that his name was to be Nixon Bradley Dame.

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