Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Papi Brad

Today is my dad's birthday! (Don't worry dad we won't talk about how old you really are!) Despite how young he still feels, he is now a grandpa- Papi Brad is what we'll call him. These photos were taken when they came to visit a few weeks ago. It was Nixon's first time meeting his Papi Brad. 
Nixon's expression makes me laugh! He loves his grandpa!
  Nixon loved just staring at his Papi Brad.  
Nixon got lots of loves.
I think Nixon may get his eyes from his grandpa!?

Words to describe Papi Brad:
Animal Lover
Business Savvy
Hard working
Nature lover
Health nut

Happy Birthday Dad!

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Bianca said...

I love the photos. And great words to describe dad. So true! Love that papi brad.