Sunday, April 04, 2010

I heart Auntie Bee.

Auntie Bee (Bianca) is so sweet. She flew out (twice)  after a desperate phone call of my ultimate "freak out" moment that I was going to be a mom and needed some sister time before he came. The doctors had told me that Nixon would most likely be delivered at 34 or 35 weeks. But due to his consistent growth they decided to change their minds and wait.  But 5 days after Bee went home, they changed their minds (again) and wanted me to deliver early at 36 weeks.  So, auntie Bee hopped on the next flight and was here just in time to watch Nixon come into the world. I have to say that the last two weeks before I had Nixon were some of the most memorable sister moments as I got to spend my last few weeks pre-motherhood with one of my best friends.  She helped me clean and prepare my house, road trip to Salt Lake where I was to be an 8 month pregnant bridesmaid, and have long talks about my fears and excitement of what was to come. 
We love auntie Bee!

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Bianca said...

It was well worth the 20 hours of flying. :) I am so happy for you, and am so grateful to have you as a sister! You are going to be such a great mom. Well, already are.