Saturday, April 10, 2010

Life Before Nixon

Our sweet cousin Louie has a gift for photography and captured these photos four days before Nixon came into our lives.

Things I don't miss about being 8 months pregnant:
-not being able to lay on my belly
-not being able to get in a hot tub or take a hot bath
-Not being able to squeeze into my fave heels or jeans
-Not being able to lift things over 20lbs 
-Having to always ask for help when lifting
-Being out of breath just walking up the stairs
-Back Pain
-Braxton hicks
-Hot flashes
-Finding it hard to cross my legs
-Never feeling totally comfortable
-Making frequent trips to the bathroom at all hours
-Water retention...everywhere
Things I miss about being 8 months pregnant:
-Feeling him kick and dance that's about it.

Thank You Louie! You are so AWESOME!!! Check out more of her work at:

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