Wednesday, May 26, 2010

three months already?

Dear Diary,
Why am I not asleep right now? It is 2:30 am and Brooks is out of town…so, of course, I can’t sleep. I seem to always fill the void of his absence with making comfort food (MMMM bisquick pancakes) and knocking items off my “to do list.” But right now I lay in bed with heavy eyes… reflecting on how it has been THREE months already since Nixon was born. Is there any way I can stop time for a little bit? I mean it seems like I blink and he grows another chin! I must say- mommyhood is coming easier to me. I finally feel like I got the hang of the multi-multitasking. I wasn’t sure if I could believe people when they used to tell me that “it gets easier” and I am starting to think I believe them now...but only when I get sleep. So, I think I better go to bed now. I love my cute family. Love you Brooks... Love you Nixon... and yes love you too Guapo. Night!
Love, -c


Bianca said...

Man, your posts seriously make me teary-eyed every time! I almost don't even recognize this little guy. So crazy how time flies.

veronica almeida said...

There is no question that this boy is a DAME I love his eye brows.