Wednesday, June 09, 2010

from your 6-year-old self

Birthday 1988

Dear 28-year-old self,

It’s me your six-year old self…remember me…us…I mean me? Over 2 decades ago marks one of our favorite birthdays ever at Chucky Cheese! Tia Liz is here to crimp (grandma Shirley was not a fan of it) and put pretty big bows in my know how I LOVE to dress up… I’m quite the girly girl at this age. On my hip, I always sport around a “Splash” Cabbage Patch Doll (Tia Liz gave it to me) and make sure she is always well dressed and groomed. 

This year we are going to have some life changing experiences when we move to El Salvador to learn Spanish and at times it will be very scary.  Sometimes I might hide under the bed to avoid going to school.  However,  I am very grateful to have our little sister Bianca by my side. Sometimes I boss her around and “mother” her a bit but she is my best friend.  We both love the musical Annie and sing and pretend we are in the play.  Not sure why I am aspiring to be a little orphan girl- but for some reason Annie is my hero. I love gymnastics and you can find me cartwheeling around wherever space allows.

I am excited for all the adventures our life has in store! Looks like we marry our prince charming that I have been pretending and  dreaming about and can’t wait to meet our real life cabbage patch doll-little Nixon!

Oh yah I am sorry- I realize now that I should have put more sunblock on… looks like it is catching up to you…sorry.

Well, happy birthday 28-year-old self. Here’s to another year full of more adventures!

Love, your 6-year-old self


veronica almeida said...

That was right before we moved to Tucson. You were scared of swimming because of some trauma you had when you were a baby but something clicked and you love pools after we moved there. Remember?

Cristi said...

Hey now I fell into the pool when I was like two and for some reason couldn't get over that experience and was scared of jumping off the diving board. I got over it real fast though.