Thursday, September 30, 2010

Big shoes to fill

Dear Diary,

Brooks is out of town and I am missing him right now. It seems like I have a three day limit before I long for his return... today is day three. I came across these photos on my desktop this morning and they made me smile. 

I am reminded of how sacred my time is with my family even if it is just hanging out in our PJs. There is nothing better than moments like these.  I walked in our room to see Nixon and daddy playing on the floor one Saturday morning and I had to pick up my camera and take a few shots!  
Here is my big boy wearing daddy's BIG shoes! They are almost as long as he is! He has quite the BIG shoes to fill one day and I would love Nixon to grow up to be just like his daddy.
I just adore watching these two together.
Nixon loves his daddy. I love his daddy.
Today I feel gratitude for the little loves of my life. Thank you for bringing so much joy. Nixon and I can't wait for you to come home tomorrow daddy!

Love,  Mommy

Here is a video of this moment.

(Photo and video taken mid August 2010- Nixon at 6 months) 


Hilda said...

Cristi, I LOVE these pics! And I love that you were able to capture this moment. How cute! P.S. While you´re cleaning your pictures, do you happen to have any of us? I lost all my pictures...

Cristi said...

Hilds- I am sure I do- I have SOOOO many! I'll send some your way when I come across them!

Bianca said...

Nixon will probably be a lot like daddy- he at least has the Dame eye brows for starters.