Thursday, September 30, 2010

Computer Detox

Dear Diary, 
How did this happen? What? This.  
Yep, this is my computer desktop... THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of photos, songs, videos, school papers, etc. are busting out of the seams of this poor little guy. It's impossible to find anything and we are scraping the bottom for gigs. So, it's a call for an intervention before something catastrophic happens (like a major computer meltdown)...I am sending this guy to Rehab for mega Photo Detox. It's time for me to let go and send these photo babies of mine to their permanent home on an external hard drive!  

So, I am having a photo marathon both on this personal and on my Photography Blog of posting random photos I have on my desktop each day until we are up to date! This will catch you up on the crazy summer of fun we had! Starting now. 

Love, your computer Doctor

DISCLAIMER: you are about to witness photos that are not in chronological order nor reflect what Nixon looks like now. In Nixon time- they are so last few months ago!

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