Sunday, March 27, 2011


  Dear bebe,
You letting me cuddle you in my arms today… Awesome!!!

You being sick and teething at the same time…
NOT awesome

 My heart literally aches seeing you this way. Those sobs and tears (if you enlarge photo you’ll see) made me sob and tear too. Why can’t I take away your yucky and feel the yucky instead? I would do that for you in a heartbeat if I knew how.

 I have to admit though…I secretly loved getting so many cuddles today. You even let me sing you a song today. Wow you really must be sick! But you know how I really knew you were sick?... You stayed so perfectly still when I changed your diaper... that HARDLY EVER happens! 

I am sorry it was a not-so-awesome day for you… and if tomorrow you feel the same way… I will clear my schedule to hold you in my arms and be there until you feel better again.

I can’t wait to see your little teeth when you smile and hear your giggles once again! Get better so we can go outside and play okay? Besitos mi bebe.

Love, your mommy


dave&abby johnson family said...

poor little guy! I am so sorry, but the cuddling is so nice. Hope he gets better soon!

Bianca said...

Oh my sweet little Nix! So sorry to see you like this. Hope he feels better soon!