Friday, March 25, 2011


Dear Diary,
It's Friday night... Brooks and I decided to go to bed early to get caught up with our sleep from out late night adventures this week. The only problem is that I find myself awake still. Brooks on the other hand is not fact he is snoring away (he says he doesn’t but he does sometimes) next to me... meanwhile, I lay here in bed reading… actually… just looking through the photographs of the new “Seeing Magazine” I just got in the mail. I ripped the plastic off the minute it touched my fingertips and flipped through the pages. I love the texture of the pages- they are like matte finished with a hint of texture and feel so amazing. The magazine is simple- mostly photographs and few sentences scattered on pages. It’s so simple that I don’t want to over do the description…basically it is about seeing the “small things”- about real people and real life stories of the everyday life. Best part NO ADS!  I heart this magazine! Thanks Bianca for introducing it to me! Go out and get it!


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