Thursday, March 31, 2011

So I don't die on the mtn.

     Dear Diary,

Today I was going to write about my Monthly Meal Planning System I got going… but then I found this.

The note reads: (In case you can't read his chicken scratches)

To by Beautiful wife, (I love when he says that) so she doesn’t die while riding down the mtn. Love, your husband. 

Two weekends ago we were up in McCall on the ski hill and I was cruising along enjoying myself  (literally day dreaming about starting up my blog again) when I hit a patch of ice and caught my edge and then... boom...I flew head first down the steepest part of the hill and smacked the back of my head against the ice. I seriously thought I had cracked my head open… I didn’t have a helmet. My husband on the other hand did… and now I do too. 

He is the best.

Besitos xoxo,
      A grateful wife. 

 P.S. Speaking of helmets and slightly dangerous situations... Here is daddy and Nixon skiing down the bunny hill to the car. (Nixon's first ski experience) Brooks wants to buy a backpack to take him skiing with us every time ...I am not too sure about that. Maybe next year we can teach him to ski. 

Untitled from Cristi Dame on Vimeo.


Walk Family said...

Cute. He looks like Nixon enjoyed the skiing!

Nicole said...

I have a friend that has five kids, they all ski and they all started out in a backpack on her back untill they could learn to ski. We have an extra backpack if you want it. :) Love the video!!! Congrats on the new helment!