Tuesday, April 26, 2011

let's go fly a kite

Dear diary-

 Sometimes I just want to go out and frolic through the grass on a windy day while holding a kite up to the clouds. Oh wait we did that last Thursday.

On the way to Salt Lake my little sister Bianca and I randomly pulled off in the middle of nowhereville (during the most intense windstorm I think I had ever encountered) and decided to fly a kite. We giggled and took photos of the madness- all in the name of Bianca's new album promotion coming this fall! 

 She left yesterday. :( I came across this photo...I miss you little sister.  I will never think of this moment without cracking a smile.

Random thought: Isn't it amazing how peaceful this kite looks floating so high in the sky- little do you know that the person (me) holding this kite is being tossed around by the 75 mile-per- hour winds! In fact, shortly after taking this shot- the wind ripped the kite out of my hands and I was running around chasing it through mud and grass. More photos of this photo shoot to come soon. 

Besitos xoxo,
A big sister

1 comment:

Bianca said...

This makes me smile too. Love this shot by the way. Love you big sis.