Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My #1 fan.

My #1 Fan
Dear Diary,
Even as a 28-year-old I love spending time with my mom. We had a slumber party over the weekend while Brooks was out of town! Plopping ourselves on the bed in our PJs, we laughed and cried while talking about life. I love watching her face light up as she talks about something she is excited about. Isn't she pretty? 

Today I am grateful for my mom. She literally is our NUMBER ONE fan. She would wear around a t-shirt that says that if she could. 

You may find her handing out my photography card, being the only brave one to dance at Bianca's concert, or filling every inch of her wall with Mandy's artwork! I really can’t think of a single time that she has ever made fun of or put us girls down... not even once.  Wow, I guess I have taken that for granted. 

I have always had a strong positive view of myself- there wasn’t/isn't anything that I thought/think I couldn’t do. I think much of that is due to the fact that my mom thinks we are so fabulous.

I attended a play therapy conference this weekend and had the opportunity to reflect on my upbringing and the style of discipline I was given. Reflecting back, I really had such supportive parents who always were encouraging! I think that is why I have such passion for teaching the parents I work with about positive parenting. 

I was over on my Live Inspired blog writing about it here if you want to check it out. 

Anyhow- I love you mami! Thanks for being so unrealistically positive towards us girls. It is nice to know someone believes in you. It has given me the courage to always shoot for the stars and beyond. At least I know I will always have a #1 fan no matter what I do.

Besitos xoxo, 

A very loved daughter

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veronica almeida said...

Sad to know that my time here is coming to an end. I will miss you so much as always.

thanks for all and support with that hard class I decided to do last minute.

You guys are the BEST!!!