Monday, June 23, 2008

I love my Dyson.

Well, Brooks (Thanks to all my obvious hinting) got me my very first Dyson vacuum for my birthday. Most people when finding out that he got me a vacuum were worried that I would be furious for the subtle message that I needed to do more cleaning around the house… but no no no… I actually was hoping that I would get a vacuum for my birthday and couldn't see me husband wanting to invest in something so silly. But he surprised me! Here is me with my new vacuum and standing next to the old one.

Okay Okay...honestly, who actually enjoys vacuuming? Well, I must confess…something that my husband didn’t know about me until recently...I am in love with vacuums... oh no… not just any vacuum however, but specifically Dyson vacuums. I mean I watch the commercials ( and want to jump out of my chair and begin to turbo vacuum around the house…I know I know…a bit crazy. Here is my birthday surprise... ignore my horrible bead was early morning at the time- lookin' a bit rough I know.

I often have pondered my love for vacuums on numerous accounts and have discovered the top ten reasons I love vacuuming:
1. There is a beginning and an end.
2. Fun to watch the dirt twirl around in the clear canister.
3. You have immediate gratification when empting the canister to see what you have collected.
4. The humming noise is hypnotizing.
5. It is mindless- a way of mediation.
6. It can be done within a short amount of time- doesn’t take hours.
7. It leaves behind a feeling of accomplishment.
8. Those straight lines leave a trail of evidence of your hard work for others to give praise- (I like praise)
9. No husband will ever dare ask- “What have you done all day” because there is proof of the hard labor- (I must add that Brooks has never asked that question in our 4 years of marriage- he knows that is a dangerous question to ask me)
10. Finally, vacuuming is the cherry on the top after all the hard work of cleaning up- No such thing as a clean room with out the final touch of a vacuumed floor.

Hmmmmm I guess in summary, if you attribute this list to my personal pattern: I like to feel a sense of accomplishment, enjoy praise, and am easily entertained. What can I say…I love my dyson.


daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

You are hilarious! I will have to admit I love to vacuum! I love how it looks in the end! Nice and clean, although I am not as lucky as you my friend to have received such an awesome vacuum! Congrats and a Happy late BIRTHDAY!!

Hilda said...

I have to admit that Dysons are the best! They are worth every penny. Once you use a Dyson, you can't go back

kerri d said...

Hadn't heard of Dyson before, but have you heard of Rainbow? That's what we laid down a chunk of change for back when Isaac was a baby and never a moment of regret. I always knew we had a lot in common... Uncanny.

Melony and Todd said...

I don't think I have ever seen a gal so excited to vacuum in my life. One day when todd and I grow up and move out of the basement, you can come over and vaccum anytime!

Cristi said...

My love for vacuuming came about after having two very furry creatures in my home and being tired of fur floating around the house…I began to appreciate the beauty of a good vacuum! Did you see all that nasty fur it picked up??? Gross!