Monday, July 07, 2008

Day two of the "TV Fast"

Dear Television,
I know you may have noticed that we have been avoiding you. You see, today is day TWO of our “TV fast.” Yup, that is right- our stake has asked all of us members to turn you off for four weeks and pay more attention to our families and the Lord. So, as of yesterday, we have not gathered around you laughing and vegging out while tuning into Extreme House Makeover or Desperate Housewives. No, instead we quietly spent the evening reading and catching up from the weekend and… yes…we actually went to bed before eleven! New record time for us!

Okay okay, to some, your absence is not missed…but I have to confess, today I have really struggled to keep away from you. Today when I woke up, I missed tuning into my friends: Al, Matt, Meredith, and Ann who always keep me in the loop about what is going on in the world. But I restrained from pushing the ON button that was staring back at me and taunting me. No, instead, I went straight to work diligently editing the hundreds of photos I have on my desktop…but the silence was KILLN’ me! I tried turning up my music but it didn’t seem to help- I even chatted with friends on the phone…but nothing could replace the background noise that I have grown so accustomed to. I actually missed being distracted by your mindless MTV reality shows or being entertained by Oprah, Ellen or even Dr. Phil in the afternoon! Sheesh... I haven’t realized how much I actually rely on you to keep me company when I am home spending hours and hours in front of the computer editing photos. I just finished 9 hours worth (mostly in silence) of editing photos today... (yes I am still in my PJ's- don't jduge) now I only have a whopping 7,000 photos more to edit this month! Wedding season-It is INSANE!!! How will I ever get by with out you?

Desperately going through withdrawals,


Julie & Devin said...

It is fun to see what you are up to. Are you still in Bosie? (I need to do a TV fast. I watch way too much.)
Julie Bauman Stoker

Hilda said...

That sounds like quite the challenge. I don't watch much TV myself, maybe 4 hours a week, but those 4 hours are precious. I don't think I could go a whole month without it.

daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Wow friend I am impressed! I love having the tv on in the back ground and I too have to watch my buddies on the today show!!

Are you going to SLC any time soon? We are coming from the 13th of July to the 13th of Aug. would love to see you if you are visiting your Mom! Let me know!!

veronica said...

I remember a time when you guys were little lliving in tucson. We had a rule in our home of no tv during schoolnights except to watch juct one show of your choice on Thursdays because you couldn't go without watching The Simpsons and became your reward.