Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Sweet and Spice and everything nice...

Birthdays are sorta a huge deal for me. Okay not "sorta"- they just are. What’s the fun of waiting 365 days to celebrate one measly day… no no no- I like to celebrate the WHOLE MONTH for it is MY BIRTHDAY MONTH…so, gifts may continue throughout the duration of the entire month-won’t oppose to that! (Hint hint for Brooks) So, I made sure that I got started off right and began my birthday celebration last Friday and have realized that food is an important piece of a fulfilling birthday for me. I pretty much hit all my favorite obsessions this week- (I seem to not be able to get enough buffalo chicken and blue cheese lately!) Week in review:

Friday: Buffalo Blasts with extra blue cheese and chocolate covered ice cream from The Cheese Cake Factory, followed by a sweet pork salad from Costa Vida, topped off with a bag of caramel popcorn.
Saturday: More buffalo Chicken with extra blue cheese and Oreo Cheese Cake again- Yup. Cheese Cake Factory two days in a row.
Sunday: Bisquick pancakes with fresh strawberries and lots of chocolate cake!
Monday: chocolate cake for breakfast, more cake at work, enchiladas, glass of horchata, followed by a slice of flan.
Tuesday: My purse cake, mashed potatoes with gravy, more cake, cupcakes, and more cake.
Wednesday: Buffalo chicken sandwich and one last piece of chocolate cake.

Favorite Foods missing from tmy favorite food list:
Oreo Madness and Brownie Obsession from Fridays
Mint Oreos and skim milk
Root Beer
Home made chocolate cookie dough

Okay, so, I have had a major sugar buzz for the last 6 days- but I think it is coming to end because the thought of eating any more cake makes my stomach turn! Speaking if cake, my friend Erin has such a talent for decorating and making cakes and every year makes a cake for our birthdays.This year she made me a purse. Not just any purse but a purse with all the essential girly items that a gal carries around in her purse! I loved it…and we couldn’t help but eat cake before our food arrived! It was the best!

My purse cake in my favorite colors!

I couldn't help but nibble at it while we waited for our lunch.

Erin (the talented cake designer) and me

The girls: Lacey, Leah, me, and Erin

Lovin' my cake!

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daveandabbyjohnsonfamily said...

Cristi-I came across your blog and had to say "hi'! How in the heck are you? I haven't seen you I think since my wedding! hope all is well, Happy late birthday! Tell your fam "hi" for me. I am adding you to my blog, so I can check in on you! Hope thats ok!