Saturday, June 19, 2010

Nixon laugh triggers

Dear Diary,
How is it that I now can spend countless hours making silly noises and faces in hopes to crack a smile or listen to the sweet sound of my baby's giggles? Nothing is better than that. 

I spent my birthday having a PJ party with Nixon where we spent the whole day in our PJs and did whatever we wanted when we wanted. Best birthday ever.

On the list of Nixon's laugh triggers: foot to the cheek, touching his nose, making incredibly annoying high pitch sounds while giving a cheeseball smile, dancing and singing him silly random songs I make up on the spot. Is he laughing because he likes my songs or at my awesome out-of-pitch voice? I don't know. I'll take either just to hear the sound of his giggles! I am grateful today for the sound my baby makes... In the words of great-grandma GiGi, "His smile melts my heart." 
Love, Cristi

video of Nixon giggling on my bday- yes he is wearing I heart my mom shirt...he does ok.

NIXON NOISES from Cristi Dame on Vimeo.


veronica almeida said...

My baby is so far but yet so close to my heart. I think of him day and night. I had a dream the other day taking him to the beach. Pleas some see us soon. He is so cute, and grandma wants to brag.

veronica almeida said...

Post some more!
It has been a while.