Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dear Diary,
I love being a mom. Have I mentioned that recently? I really do. 

But it is not always easy breezy...last week was rough. Thanks to a little stomach bug that we passed around...we have been out of commission. Feeling feeverish, cranky, and tired-  Nixon (and I) wanted to be constantly held.

I would put him down for a second and then would feel a little tug at my shirt... I'd look down  to see this little face peering up at me with his arms raised grunting as to say "hold me, hold me." So I did... even with week arms, an upset stomach and extreme fatigue. I am a mom... that is what we do.

 I am so glad we are all healthy and back to normal... so much more fun to have this summer!

Besitos xoxo,

Grateful mama

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