Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The day I heard the three magic words...

Dear Diary,
I have been dreaming about this day. Today is the day I heard the words, “I Love You” from my Little Man’s mouth. It couldn’t have come at a better time because I had just been grumbling in my head about, “How nice it would be to just have like 5 minutes to myself…when down the hall I heard, “Mama…mama...MAAAMAAA!” Frustration set in as a little hand grabbed mine.  Doesn’t he know that I need to check my email, look up a recipe, and update my very neglected blog? Ugh.

But those things must wait…and with a tug, I followed where he wanted me to go. We both hopped on my bed and snuggled with a blanket and it was then at that moment that he snuggled his face up to mind and said, “I love you.”  Twice.

Tears rolled down my cheek.

And I gave him the bigest squeeze ever… Nothing was more important than being right there right then with my Little Man. Those emails, recipes, and blog posts can all wait.

A grateful mama.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

It's Thursday.

Dear little man,

It is a Thursday.

Thursdays are always bitter-sweet for me. 

It is the day I go to the hospital and play with little kiddos who need my help.

I miss you already and you haven't even woken up yet.

Will you wake up already so we can play? 

I promise today when I am with you- you are the only thing in my world.

Pinkie swear.

I will think about you all day long and know you will be having so much fun with playgrounds, toys, and friends.

I love you, and can't wait to race home and hold you in my arms again.

Besitos mi amor. xoxo, 

Your mama

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Under the big golden tree...

art in the office

after we got back inside


my love.

Dear Little Man,
Seems like this week I have wanted to do nothing but be around you holding and kissing you. Today, I brought you with me to my office and you were in love with all the fun toys and art supplies!

Then, as I was walking out the door you shut it behind me and... it locked...with my keys and camera inside. I just had to laugh at this moment. We made the best of the beautiful weather as we plopped right down under a big golden tree watching the leaves float and fall around us in the wind... it was a magical day.  Thank you to our really sweet landloard who came back from his lunch to let us back in. It was a great day to be locked outside.

Little Man-I am loving this stage you are in...so cuddly- so expressive- so lively- so curious-so you.
I love being your mom.

Your mommy

Monday, October 10, 2011

Boots and Pj type of a day.

Dear Little Man, 

I want you to know that despite my sleepless night last night- I loved having a sleepover in your room and cuddling you...even if it was on the hard floor. I held your warm little body and couldn't help but kiss those soft little cheeks of yours. 

I love being your momma. 

Today may be a PJ and boots type of a day.

 That is okay. I love you to the moon and back. 

Besitots, xoxo, 

Your mama. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Dear Diary,
I just got back from El Salvador. So much to write about...my heart is so full from the experience we had at the El Salvador temple dedication. I'll be writing more about that this week. 

For now, I have the most amazing news... My Weeds to Wishes blog design is now done!! It will be a place where I can consolidate my counseling and photography blogs... now I need readers...go check it out and suscribe...I have some awesome giveaways coming this week!!

Besitos xoxo, 


Sunday, August 07, 2011


Dear Diary,
Where in the world is my summer going?? Back to school commercials already? Nooooooo.

Something I love about summer is music in the park... even if it is MC Hammer. I mean reliving those moments of MC Hammer pants and sweet dance moves on a hot summer day... pretty awesome. Oh yah, and did I also tell you that we have roomates?

My Sister-in-Law Darlene and Brother-in-Law Tanner are crashing in our guest bedroom for awhile while they help out with Proof stuff. I have to admit it's been fun to have another chica around here and instant friends to go enjoy our summer with...

How can I write about Hammer and not You Tube a video to enjoy...  especially if you are like my little sister who dared to ask the question, "What are Hammer Pants?" This one is for you Mands.

Besitos, XOXO


Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Dear Diary,
I love being a mom. Have I mentioned that recently? I really do. 

But it is not always easy breezy...last week was rough. Thanks to a little stomach bug that we passed around...we have been out of commission. Feeling feeverish, cranky, and tired-  Nixon (and I) wanted to be constantly held.

I would put him down for a second and then would feel a little tug at my shirt... I'd look down  to see this little face peering up at me with his arms raised grunting as to say "hold me, hold me." So I did... even with week arms, an upset stomach and extreme fatigue. I am a mom... that is what we do.

 I am so glad we are all healthy and back to normal... so much more fun to have this summer!

Besitos xoxo,

Grateful mama

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day 2011

Dear Diary, 
I am sitting in the office about to write a father's day message about Brooks- when I hear the sounds of giggling, whistling, singing, and belly laughing. I decide to go see what I was missing out on- and there I see (they don't know I have walked in) Nixon in the bathtub while Brooks is kneeling beside the tub with his face in the water blowing bubbles out of his nose. They both laugh-Nixon thinks it's hilarious and tries to do it next. Words just don't describe how happy it makes me to see the love and fun these two share.  Nix adores him. So glad we have him in our life.

Happy Father's Day

xoxo Besitos, 
Happy mama

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Family Photos.

Dear Diary,
Thanks to my sister Bianca- I have some family photos to put up on our walls.  

Besitos, xoxo

This is my little boy.

Dear Diary, 
This is my little boy.
 This is my family...
 with mustaches.
I heart them.

Besitos, xoxo
Proud Mama

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

best friend

Dear Diary, 
This is my husband. 
He puts on a mustache and holds red balloons just for me. 

I love to grab his chin. 
I love to give him smooches
He agrees to take photos with me....
With Mustaches.
He is my best friend.
I love him.
This is my husband.

Besitos xoxo, 

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

my age. my life.

Your Age. Your Life.
Dear Diary,
Today I did a soul collage. Read more about what they are and how to do them here.

Today's Reflections
In a few hours I will be 29.  
One year away from 30. 
How time has flown by. 
Greater Impact: Smaller Footprint...
My main focus is on my family.
I no longer have the need to be a perfectionist...
 I am striving to "find my place in the rhythm of life."
I can't wait to see what is behind that door.
But I am sad to say goodbye to 28. 
What will cross my path this year?
What flowers will bloom?
What beauty will life bring?
Farewell 28. 
You will be missed.

Besitos xoxo, 
An almost 29 year old

Monday, June 06, 2011

Box car.

Dear Diary,

Nixon and I decided to make a car out of the pile of boxes that were in our dining room from a recent shipment of Proof sunglasses. Best day ever. Check out the process here. 

I love this kid. 

Besitos xoxo,
Proud mama

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Dandelion Wish

This is the actual dandelion I picked.

Dear Diary, 

I have been really frustrated lately with some of the parents I work with. As a counselor, I am the child's voice and advocate, and at times I feel as though I can't get through to the parents on the impact they have. I certainly don't have a magic wand to make it all better for these children all the time...but I know when they are in my office- for that short period of time- they can forget their problems and just play.

Play is such a powerful tool... a healing tool... and sadly,  it seems as though adults forget what it is like to be a kid, and furthermore, what it is like to let go and play. So, I woke up one morning with the idea for this blog.  (It will eventually replace my counseling blog) I call it the "The Dandelion Wish."

Here is the first post of The Dandelion Wish: 

"I am sitting with my laptop typing softly  (my son is still asleep) as I ponder the month of May and the celebration of mothers… It has been just under a year and a half since I became a Mother. And needless to say, the definition of that word has humbled me far more than any other titles I have or will ever have.

I feel as my life began the day my son was born. Unfortunately,  my love for this little boy doesn’t always guarantee days of blissful moments. Some days I have superhero mom powers and I have a fabulous fun day with my son- no distractions or time constraints... I love those days. But sadly other days...well let’s just say I feel more like the villain then the superhero. Usually these days are filled with house chores, meals to cook, task list to check off, church callings to attend, work to do, and other random mundane things I fill the day with. *Sigh*

Today, after spending the entire morning yesterday cleaning the kitchen and realizing the day was passing us by, I decided we needed to go for a walk. So we did. As we approached a patch of dandelions, I was unable to resist-  I picked one and I took a deep breath and blew. Watching the little dandelion seeds float across the sky, I decided to make a dandelion wish.

My wish is to be able to look back on each day and be able to say, "We had a lot of fun today."

So, I begin this blog today as a way to share my journey of The Dandelion Wish I made. I hope to inspire other moms, dads, grandparents, sister, brothers, aunts, and uncles to take the time and to wish one a dandelion and bring fun and play back into parenting and adulthood while savoring each and every moment along the way. "

Become a more present and playful parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, sister, brother, person...follow me here

Besitos, xoxoxo

A Playful Mama 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I just can't wait.

Dear Diary,

I came across this photo of Bianca and me and it made me smile. I just can't wait to see my sisters and mom again this week... Family makes me so happy. 

Besitos, xoxo

Friday, May 13, 2011

My date with Summer.

Dear Diary,
For my birthday (Yikes- June 9th) Brooks is taking a mindful class with me (it's my second time!) and one of our daily assignments this week is to write about a pleasant event each day and keep a gratitude journal. Today this is mine. I title my event: A DATE WITH SUMMER AND MY LITTLE MAN. 

Today I felt like gardening. Nixon wanted to help.
He also wanted to try out our new hose. 
Mommy had to help a little bit. 
Time to turn it down
Not happy about this.

I saw: a beautiful sunny day
I touched: dirt between my fingers
I tasted: water from a garden hose
I smelled: sunblock on my cheeks
I felt: joy in my heart that summer is here.

Although Nixon was a bit sad to have to go inside, we treated ourselves to an orange Otterpop- that can always make things better. Ahhhh what a refreshing summer day- mud, water and all. 

Besitos, xoxo

a playful mama 

P.S. gratitude journal assignment:

5 things I am grateful for today:
* the slobbery kiss Nixon gave me after I gave him one.
* the tomato plants we planted in the earth.
* the sound of the birds singing in the morning.
* the smell of sunblock as we lathered it into our skin.
* the amazing husband I have who comes to a mindfulness class with me.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nixon's MTV Cribs Edition

Dear Diary,
One of the places I enjoy hanging out with my buddy Nixon is in his Comic Book/Superhero room. The walls bounce the light in the afternoon and it's just a great place to plop ourselves down on the floor and play. 

Now this room didn't come easy! Agreeing on how to decorate the nursery took several months (even after Nixon was born!)- I wanted vintage owls and he wanted comic books. So... we compromised... and went with vintage comic book theme instead. I know,  most people think of baby blue and white for nursery colors- but blah how boring. 

We wanted something that was going to grow with him and not so typical. But I really couldn't have done it with out the help of my dear mother-in-law Evelyn (aka Mimi's Magic). 

Okay MTV Cribs Here is Nixon's room- take a look:

View when walking through the door. The curtains, superman blanket, red pillow, and valance were all custom made my Mimi's Magic. The checkered quilt was done by a dear friend Amy Cunnington. Both of these women have skillZ!

After a long day of chasing Guapo and playing at the park- Nixon rests his head here. (Polk-a-dot sheet was purchased at Target) 
This Superman Blanket is  mostly for decor and was handmade by Mimi herself. She made that Superman "s" by cutting out fabric and sewing it on to the blanket. It matches the one on the valance as well.
We got these hand painted...I was the one who chose Wonder Woman- we needed to represent some girl power in this room! 
This is a large painting we had done that hangs above the leather chair. 

 This is another painting that we had to put up - one of Brooks' favorites. 

Well, there you have it- Nixon's superhero room...hopefully, he enjoys superheros...or we just may have a problem- maybe changing it to my vintage owl idea in the future. :)

Besitos, xoxo